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OMF Literature: Manila, Philippines. c2003. 262 p. ISBN: 971-511-853-4.




Rumours of Another World: What On Earth Are We Missing? By Philip Yancey




his book is intended for people who live in the borderlands of belief, the great divide separating belief and unbelief. To know where you are in the great divide boils down to the simple question: Is the visible world around us all there is?  If you are not sure of your answer, then you live in the borderlands. If you say, “No”, then you are a believer. Whether you are a believer or not, read on, and strengthen your faith.   


Paraphrases of the simple question: Is there a God? A life after death? Why do I believe? It also gives rise to questions of the same vein: Is faith in an unseen world wishful thinking? Does our faith delude us into seeing another world that does not exist? What rumors of another world might our faith convey? 


This book explores the issues of life, of God, the supernatural and faith, and connects all of them. It is an intelligent commentary of the tensions between the spiritual and the physical, heaven and earth, good and evil, the seen and the unseen, and faith and unbelief. It convincingly answers topics that fall into three main categories: 1) What are we missing? 2) Signs of Disorder, and 3) Two worlds.


How should my faith in the invisible world affect my day-to-day life in the visible world? Make God the center of your life by praying to Him in a closed room rather than in a public place where others might see you. Concentrate on pleasing God by asking yourself, “What would God have me do?” Our answer should show we love God and our neighbors.   


This book is peppered liberally with quoted materials from respected authors both classic and contemporary like Thomas a Kempis, C.S. Lewis, Simone Weil, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen. 


Rumors of another world, i.e. the kingdom of God, are mentioned by scientists who dare not mention God and found that there is exquisite tuning for the possibility of life on planet Earth such as the laws of gravity. Rumors of another world seep into art as well. Poets, painters, novelists and playwrights described “moments of being” when creating their work. Yancey and others perceived rumors of another world by observing the glorious beauty of nature.


Other hints of the kingdom of God are the message behind unbearable pain, the miracle of forgiveness, the heartbreaking love behind grace, the believer who continues to experience loneliness and pain, and the presence of God in the world.   


Yancey writes that his goal for growing older is to care less about how others view him and more about how God does. This could also be your life’s goal. Highly recommended.    Reviewed by Daisy J. Serrano,  Library member & volunteer



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