Library Policies
Lost and Overdue Books
Overdue fine is P2.00 per book per day. Members are responsible for replacing list books.
If replacement cannot be found, or the value is not known in the library records, the following may be paid to the library:
                              Children's books P250.00
                              Paperback books P250.00
                              Non-fiction and Hardback fiction P500.00
                              Coffee Table books P1,000.00

No overdue fine will be charged to borrower if book is declared lost BEFORE the due date.
The borrower will not be allowed to check out books until over due fine or Lost Item Replacement fee is cleared.

If the borrower finds the item he/she will be reimbursed for the Lost Item Replacement fee (Minus the over due fine if book is declared lost beyond due date).

If borrower will purchase a new copy of the book to replace lost book, the Lost Item Replacement fee will be waived (minus the overdue fine if book is declared lost beyond the due date).
Guidelines in Borrowing Materials from the Library
Lost and Overdue Books
Book Renewals
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