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Welcome to the Reflections Page!  This page is devoted to individual's reflections on his spiritual journey through life and in Christian faith.  It is a space for sharing thoughts, perspectives, musings, and learning of life's joys, problems and challenges. It is a venue to praise God through verses, prayers, essays, poems, and artworks that reflect Christian values, hopes and aspirations.  It is an opportunity to give inspirational messages of Jesus Christ's unwavering, unconditional, and overflowing love and mercy. It is a dedication to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.








For Motherís Day by Carmen B. Sibayan


Nanay was one person who set high standards for herself, as well as for us, her three children. She did not expect anything less of us than she did of herself.


As the only girl in the family, Nanay had special hopes and dreams for me that were different from those she had for my two brothers. Nanay wanted me to be a lady in every sense of the word and almost always required perfection of me. 


            Now I am not as particular as my Nanay. I am a simple, carefree and spontaneous woman who is fine and happy as long as she is able to obey the Lord and do His will. But growing up, my brothers and I were taught by Tatay and Nanay to obey them for if we didnít, something bad would happen to us. 


            I believe that was one of the reasons that I unquestionably obeyed them even though there were times that I found Nanayís rules too confining. Still, I obeyed because I knew that it made the Lord happy, and I could see that it made Nanay happy, too. Besides, I didnít want anything bad to happen to me.


           When I was in high school and even in college, I was hardly ever allowed to go out, much less stay overnight, with my friends even for school activities. The one time that I was, our high school class was scheduled to have a field trip to Antipolo City. This was going to be for the whole day, and it took a lot of pleading on my part to finally convince Nanay to say yes. I was elated when she did.


            The night before the activity, however, Nanay said that if I went to Antipolo she would be so preoccupied with my safety that she would be unable to concentrate on her work as all she would be thinking about was me. Difficult as it was for me, I somehow knew that what she was saying stemmed out of her love for me. So I told her that I wouldnít be going on the field trip anymore and she was visibly relieved and happy.


           Growing up with all those restrictions wasnít easy for me. Looking back, I could have rebelled. But I did not, for even as a young girl of six, I already had a special friend, Jesus, who I could talk to and lean on for comfort. Back then, I knew, as I do now, that Jesus would never leave me or forsake me. That Jesus was ever present in my life to listen to me, show me the way, and ease my burdens.


            Nanay loved to tell people how easy it was for her and Tatay to train us, their three children, because we attended Bible study.


           During Nanayís necrological service, I wanted to honor her by being the daughter she always wanted me to be: a true lady in every aspect. It was for this reason that I wanted to be profound yet personal in my eulogy. But where do I find the right words?


           As always, God saw my heart and provided me with just the right words to say through the April 28, 2009 entry in our Daily Bread.


            I pray that Nanay is happy with the way I am now. It is thanks to her that I am enjoying being myself while at the same time being constantly conscious of behaving as a lady should. It is by Godís grace that Nanay taught me well, and I responded. Thank you, Nanay. I love you!